Denmark Vesey House

Denmark Vesey House

Welcome to the Denmark Vesey House, the house once believed to be the home of Denmark Vesey, the famed former slave turned hopeful activist.

Built somewhere between the 1830's and 1850's, this humble home on Bull Street has recently seen some scrutiny per the legitimacy of its roots and connection with Vesey, with new information showing that it likely wasn't around during the time of Vesey's residence in Charleston. Regardless, this is still the spot to come learn about the man and what he did, or tried to do, for other slaves in need of freedom.

Vesey was born into slavery in the Virgin Islands but purchased his freedom as a young adult. Vesey dedicated his life to helping others, and while we now know it isn't true, this home was thought to be the meeting place to organize 'the most extensive black insurrection in American history'.

Thousands of slaves from around the nation planned a massive break, unfortunately, in 1822 the word of the plan got out and Vesey, along with 36 others, was hanged.

A visit to the Denmark Vesey house will certainly be an educational and humbling one.