Diamond Head Hiking

diamond headHike along the eastern edge of Waikiki’s coastline in Honolulu for a day full of breathtaking scenery and refreshing recreation. Diamond Head is the rugged, raw, and truly gorgeous volcanic crater on Oahu's coastline providing one of the most perfect postcard views of Honolulu. This spot is very well known for its beauty and wilderness, but mostly for its out of this world, completely unique hiking options. Pack your best hiking boots, bring plenty of water, grab your camera and/or binoculars, and get ready for an absolutely amazing and fully nature-immersive Hawaiian hike!

In this region you will encounter an inactive volcano surrounded by several different rugged trails, panoramic views, and wildlife viewing opportunities. There are short and easy hikes or much longer intense hikes available, at the spot many consider to be Hawaii’s most recognized landmark. There are also historic hiking trails dotted with military history and cultural history. Enjoy the view from the Diamond Head State Monument, the entire 475-acre crater provides a broad saucer shaped land-form, the 300,000 year old geological masterpiece created by a single explosive volcanic eruption. On the historic trail you and your group will see the best views of this monument, the summit of Le’ahi, the Coastal Defense System, the 1911 Fire Control Station, Fort Ruger, various bunkers, and even the Navigational Lighthouse used here in 1917!

Again, be sure to bring your camera and some sunscreen and a hat if you plan on being here all day. If you forgot any supplies for a full day's stay don’t worry, there is an onsite information kiosk next to a gift shop, selling both fun souvenirs and useful hiking tools.