Dinosaur Resource Center

Colorado has a rich history in archaeological study and fossil findings which is great for your group! Museums and research centers like the fabulous Dinosaur Resource Center outside Colorado Springs are built to educate and inform intrigued guests on the science and natural history of dinosaurs.

There are a number of recognizable dinosaur skeletons, such as the intimidating Tyrannosaurus Rex and others, displayed among the educational galleries. Your group will encounter a Triceratops skull, a Compsognathus fossil, and even look into a real fossil preparation lab!

Among the dinosaur exhibits, you'll also encounter a number of familiar mammals and marine reptiles including modern orcas, Stellar's sea cows, a "Bunker Tylosaur" and a late Cretaceous sea turtle relative. You will learn how modern day animals are related to their prehistoric counterparts and discover interesting facts about evolution.

The Prehistoric Paradise Gift Store is a fabulous way to end your dinosaur fueled learning journey as you pick up books, apparel, cast replicas and more! The Dinosaur Resource Center is open every day, all year long so stop by for an adventure in time!