Dolphin Magic Tours

Captain Derek Brown began Dolphin Magic Tours in 1999, a humble beginning operation that has grown into a both local and tourist loved Atlantic enterprise. The tours take place aboard a 41 foot twin turbo diesel which seats 48 people. Your group will board this boat from the heart of River Street and then sit back, relax, and enjoy a two hour narrated cruise along Savannah’s historic waterways! It is highly recommended that you bring sunscreen and your camera, as this tour is one part historic venture, one part dolphin excursion.

Each time this tour’s route and duration may be different, depending on the current weather and dolphin locations (they have a see-a-dolphin guarantee). The tour will take you from River Street to Tybee Island, a trip in which you will have the opportunity to see the historic waterfront, Waving Girl, Fort Jackson, Fort Pulaski, Cockspur Island, Cockspur Lighthouse, Tybee Island, and the Tybee Lighthouse. Your group is truly going to love this ride on Savannah’s largest dolphin watching vessel, a great way to see those famous Atlantic Bottlenoses, and you will love the historic information strewn about the tour!