Downtown Charleston Culinary Tour

Charleston red rice - Savannah Red Rice rice dish commonly Southeastern coastal regions of Georgia and South white rice with tomatoes , bacon , pork sausage.

The perfect first stop to break your students into the culinary world of Charleston sits on Market Street, one of the most influential culinary communities in the city. This company provides tours that combine the best of Charleston history, food, and drinks in a manner that is entertaining and, above all, really delicious! All tours offered here allow you to sample some of Lowcountry's finest foods and even meet the owners, chefs, and mixologists behind it all. The array of dishes in the tours you have to sample will provide insight into local culture and history, as well as provide an excellent full meals worth of food by the end of it!

Some of the different tour themes available through this company include the Chef's Kitchen Tour, Farm to Table Challenge, Upper King Street, and the one we have chosen for your group, the signature Downtown Charleston Culinary Tour. The tour will run about 2.5 hours long and take you through the Old and Historic Districts, filling you with traditional favorites and recent innovative creations along the way. The tour is mostly walking, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you travel to the 3 to 4 restaurants on the schedule. The restaurant lineup will change often, depending on seasonal availability and level of crowds that day. So are you ready to experience Charleston’s #1 food tour? Come hungry, come curious, and come prepared to enjoy an opportunity to experience a tour ‘where cuisine meets history’.