Eastern Market

Welcome to one of the most culture-filled spots in all of Detroit, the Detroit Eastern Market. Located along Russell Street, this conglomerate of local vendors holds over 125 years of local history, claiming the title of ‘one of the oldest and largest year-round markets in the U.S’. The Eastern Market goal is to ‘build on the rich history to make a healthier, wealthier, and happier Detroit’, something it has done quite nicely over the past century. The space in which you will find the market itself spans down a couple blocks, individual open ‘shed’ areas used for the market cover. You will find various tours here, lofts for sale, and frequent Detroit tailgating within the confines of the market. There are also various special events and classes that regularly take place here, such as the current “Whole Hog Butchery Class’, Detroit Kitchen Connection, and meditation/yoga classes. The Welcome Center may be a good place to start, filling you in on the history of the market and providing you with maps, ATMs, and ample parking.

Once inside the market your senses may overload at all the tantalizing sights and smells from all around, but we think a good place to start is with a Detroit Eastern Market Tour, filling you in on local tidbits from history like the sites use of the Underground Railroad and evolution of regional farming. There are also other tours, such as the ‘Strolling Brunch’ Tour, Urban Ag Biking Tour, and Art in the Market Tour. The Saturday Market happens all year and is considered to be an ‘undeniably Detroit’ thing to do, with over 225 vendors and 40,000 guests in the busy season (April - November). During that season you may also check out the Sunday Market, filled with local artists, or Tuesday Market, just a more scaled down version of Saturday’s. The market is truly the ‘cornerstone of the city, crucial to nourishing the community’, as you will see for yourself after a visit. Be sure to check if there are any of the aforementioned yoga/cooking classes, holiday markets, or special community events while here!