Echo Lake State Park

echo lake new hampshire

End your day at a local natural treasure, the alluring and highly beloved Echo Lake State Park. This 118 acre park is located in North Conway, a piece of land situated around Echo Lake, known to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the United States. Echo Lake State Park was first purchased in 1899, first officially protected in 1943. The park contains a scenic trail of about a mile that circles the lake, the entire grounds offering many recreational opportunities, most popularly being swimming and picnicking. Not only will your group have plenty of options for cool, relaxing, evening outdoor recreation and viewing opportunities, but you will also get to see the most amazing and unimpeded views of the sheer, 700-foot Cathedral Ledge towering over the lake. Drive along the mile long auto road or hike the trails that lead to the top of the ledge while here, you definitely won’t regret it!

Across the surrounding Saco River Valley to the White Mountains your group will be able to see also the White Horse Ledge, another highly popular rock and ice climbing wall as well as a vista viewing opportunity. The ledges came about after ice-age glacial retreats, their sheer granite walls perfect for any level of rock climbing. Your group can also decide to swim, canoe, kayak, fish, mountain bike, hike, or take in all the local flora, fauna, and amazing views while here, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes and bring a camera to capture all the beauty! Your group may also want to check the weather for closings before you come, oftentimes during the winter the ledges and surrounding paths are closed due to inclement weather and walking conditions.