Ed Smith Stadium

Home to the Baltimore Orioles, any sports or architecture lovers are going to adore this fun stop at the Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota. This 53-acre complex located in the Sarasota Sports Complex features recently renovated modern amenities mixed with historic Florida architecture. Before the Orioles, the stadium was first built in 1989 to house to the Chicago White Sox, shortly followed by the Cincinnati Reds. Afterwards, Ed Smith was used for the Sarasota White Sox and Red Sox, as well as high school and college baseball tournaments.

Baseball stadium with seating and a baseball diamond with green grass

Flying south for the winter, the Baltimore Orioles use this complex as an area for Spring Training, making Sarasota a new ‘birdland south’ for Orioles fans. The team took up this winter home in 2010, signing a 30-year agreement after a $32.1 million renovation to the stadium. Now housing fully refurbished seats like those at the Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the stadium now features double the seating it used to (seating 7,428 people at capacity) as well as new food and drink stands and 100 high definition televisions throughout the stadium, making it feel more like home for Baltimore.

Visitors to the stadium will enjoy an authentic baseball experience regardless of Spring Training dates, allowing a tour of the stadium anytime during the season. A walk through the halls of Ed Smith will give you fun facts about the Orioles, White Sox, and Reds, as well as facts about the history of baseball. Guests will also be able to witness firsthand the intricate Florida design in the stadium and see how well it flows with the more modern renovations, making your experience at Ed Smith the perfect mix of history and fun!