The Perfect Educational School Trip to Washington D.C.

Are you looking for an exciting and educational school trip to Washington D.C.? Did you know that Adventure Student Travel makes it easy to plan a stress-free trip? We have years of expertise working with school groups, teachers, and students planning trips to the nation’s capital! Our mission is to provide an unforgettable journey full of fun activities and learning opportunities. With our help, your group will explore all that DC has to offer while still being able to hit the highlights on your must-see list. Whether the goal of your trip is purely educational or just for fun, we can make sure it's a great adventure for everyone!

Introducing Adventure Student Travel - the perfect way to plan a educational school trip to Washington D.C.

educational trip to washington D.C.

Planning a big trip with a school group can be an exciting yet daunting task. You want to ensure that your students have an amazing experience, which is why Adventure Student Travel is the perfect way to plan the perfect field trip to Washington D.C. We’re here to make sure you and your students enjoy a unique, safe, & educational experience - transferring awesome adventures into knowledge and memories that will last a lifetime! Our in-depth knowledge of Washington D.C., combined with our range of activities and attractions available, provides every school group a fuss-free solution for the ideal educational excursion. So why wait? Let’s start planning your group’s next unforgettable journey and read on to see what Washington D.C. has to offer!


Exploring the Smithsonian Museums - discover the National Air and Space Museum and National Museum of Natural History

Exploring the Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC can be an unforgettable experience and Adventure Student Travel is here to make sure you get the most out of it! Immerse yourself in aviation history at the National Air and Space Museum, where you can learn about everything from the Wright Brothers to space travel. Continue your journey with a visit to the National Museum of Natural History, where you can discover millions of specimens ranging from dinosaurs to cut gemstones while learning more about our planet's fascinating past. With our help, you and your school group are guaranteed to have a day that’s both informative and fun!


Touring Monuments and Memorials - visit the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and Washington Monument

Visiting the monuments and memorials of Washington DC is an awe-inspiring experience you'll never forget. Imagine standing in front of the mighty Lincoln Memorial and feeling a connection to history. Picture yourself exploring the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, bearing witness to the sacrifices that were made for our freedom. Be amazed by the sheer size and grandeur of the Washington Monument! Adventure Student Travel can help bring your group's dreams to life as we strive for a convenient and cost-effective journey for every student. We promise memories that will last a lifetime.


Visiting Famous Sites - explore the White House, Arlington National Cemetery, and Capitol Hill

Visiting famous sites in the nation's capital is the experience of a lifetime, offering a unique opportunity to explore and connect with our nation's history. With Adventure Student Travel, you can visit some of our country's greatest places without any effort. From the White House to Capitol Hill and Arlington National Cemetery, we will help make your school group's Washington DC experience amazing! We have many different tour packages, each providing access to historical sites as well as fun activities that let you get up close and personal with the city of Washington. Come join us on an adventure - one full of learning and awe-inspiring moments - and see for yourself why DC is such a special place!


Taking Advantage of Educational Opportunities - learn about US history and government at Congress or The Supreme Court

If you're looking to take educational trips up a notch, Washington DC is the ideal place! Adventure Student Travel can help make that happen by getting your school group into Congress or The Supreme Court. There isn't a better way to learn about US history and government than experiencing it firsthand with the people who are actually making laws and changing history. When you partner with our travel agency, we will do everything in our power to ensure your stay in DC is peaceful and educational while also allowing for plenty of fun. We're sure you won't regret taking advantage of such incredible educational opportunities!


Our personalized service makes planning your educational school trip to Washington D.C. easier than ever!

With Adventure Student Travel, making your DC group trip come to life is easier than ever! Our personalized service makes it simple for you to plan and customize an unforgettable experience for your students. We understand the importance of planning efficient, effective school trips and that's why we provide detailed guidance on such topics as transportation and budgeting. And with our in-depth knowledge of places to stay, fun activities and the best dining options, the adventure only gets better. Whether your group's focus is service learning experiences or exploring culture and monuments, Adventure Student Travel is here to turn your vision for the perfect trip into reality!


By taking this journey with us, you and your students will be able to explore all that Washington DC has to offer. From experiencing history through the monuments and memorials, to learning the meaning of democracy at Congress or The Supreme Court, Adventure Student Travel can make planning a trip easier than ever! We are dedicated to offering a personalized experience while allowing you to create educational opportunities for everyone in your group. Let us help you plan an amazing trip as you turn your group's dreams into reality. Contact us today for a quote, customized trip or one of our sample itineraries – we guarantee you won't be disappointed!