El Paso Museum of History

El Paso Museum of History

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The El Paso Museum of History presents information about the past 400 years of history in the United States/Mexico border region in over 16,000 feet of exhibit space. The museum features 5 galleries that analyze the history of border life 'via artifacts, narratives, photos, and videos', the museum existing for the educational benefit of the community and visitors.

This museum was first founded in 1974 as a Cavalry Museum, quickly changing to cover a much more broad scope of local history. The multicultural and multinational history of the border region here is known as The Pass of the North, and it is examined through various exhibits and programs that allow you to explore the past and reflect on your own place in history.

The major permanent exhibit onsite is called Changing Pass: People, Land, and Memory, and it explores the 400 years of El Paso history from the earliest settlers until today. There are always multiple temporary exhibits featured at the museum as well, such as one current example called Tracks Across the Desert: More than 100 years of Railroads in El Paso (2020).

Group tours are available during your visit, typically lasting about an hour, as are various public classes and scout programs. The tours 'bring the past alive for students as they experience history through object-based learning.'