Elizabeth Cady Stanton House

Elizabeth Cady Stanton House

“The general discontent I felt with women’s portion as wife, mother, housekeeper, physician, and spiritual guide, the chaotic conditions into which everything fell without constant supervision, impressed me with a strange feeling that some active measures should be taken to remedy the wrongs…of women.” - Elizabeth Cady Stanton

The Elizabeth Cady Stanton House, in Seneca Falls New York, is a part of the Women's Rights National Historical Park. This house served as the home to Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her family from 1847 to 1862, a key time in Stanton's life when it came to her Women's Rights work.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was born in 1815 and died in 1902. Stanton moved to Seneca Falls with her husband and 3 sons in May 1847 and spent the next 14 years here working on her 'reform movement', as well as her family, adding 2 more sons and 2 more daughters to the large farmhouse. The family thoroughly enjoyed this property and all its outbuildings, orchards, and gardens.

Also called Grassmere or Center of the Rebellion, this home is where Stanton helped organize the 1848 First Women's Rights Convention, as well as where she officially launched the 'reform movement'. Stanton met mandy influential women here and hosted them at her home, one of her closest friends and allies being Susan B. Anthony.

Stanton managed to combine her public and private lives by opening her home to those who were free to travel and speak about advocating equal rights for women. She called her home “The Center of the Rebellion.”


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