EMOBA, which stands for Ernie's Museum of Black Arkansans, was created in 1993 to provide true representations about Arkansas Afro American culture and the contributions made by Afro Americans throughout the state. Ernie Dodson was a local woman who graduated from an Arkansas University and dedicated her life to black education and history. Her museum serves as an inspirational institution that keeps the contributions and heritage alive in the community to promote pride and unite to all. This was the first black history museum in the state to highlight the life of African Americans as well.

Inside this museum your group will see exhibits on prominent black Arkansans and the African American experience in general, showcasing the firsts and/or bests of a particular field, as well as the struggles and achievements that were had in this state. This establishment is also a performing arts center, used to highlight and train black artists. Take a tour, take part in an annual heritage event or festival,  or just explore the community of this historic Quapaw district structure that is located on the National Register of Historic Places. Your group will see around this time of year that this museum is also home to the scariest haunted attraction in the whole state each October, the Haunted Cathedral! Stop by the gift shop on your way out to pick up your unique EMOBA and Little Rock souvenirs.