Everglades Airboat Tour

everglade airboatTour one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, the famed "river of grass" with Airboat in Everglades. You and your group will have the chance to see some of the most impressive natural beauty as you explore the sawgrass mangroves and shallow wetlands. The luxury airboat will allow your group to roam and sightsee the natural beauty of the Everglades all while sitting in comfy waterproof seats, the entire boat itself powered by high tech jets. The tropical climate and unbelievable views make this air boat tour simply the best, and it is oftentimes called the "best air boat tour in Miami." You and your group can choose from such tour options as Semi Private, Sunset and Night, or one to two hour Private Tours.

On this tour your group and yourself will get to experience the natural wildlife of South Florida up close and personal, with ample opportunities to see such creatures as alligators, deer, snakes, bears, panthers, bobcats, raccoons, and over 300 different species of bird. You will learn all about the tribes of this area that were in existence over 15,000 years ago, such as the Calusa and Tequesta Tribes. Become educated about the man made and natural downfalls plaguing the area, such as canal building and invasive species such as the Burmese Python. It will be easy to see why people love Airboat in Everglades, a company true to their word of wanting to bring the public closer to a truly wondrous and endangered ecosystem.