Family Kingdom Amusement Park

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Family Kingdom Amusement Park

Myrtle Beach’s one and only seaside amusement park is devoted to giving families, friends, adults, and children the opportunity to make memories that last a lifetime. Enjoy yourselves on fast and slow rides, group games, and more beside the beautiful backdrop of the Atlantic ocean. Family Kingdom Amusement Park was built with you in mind, bringing the fun, the thrills, the splashes, and chills for young and old alike.

With over 35 rides and an exciting Splashes Water Park, Family Kingdom is constantly reinventing fun for all. Try all of the classic amusement park rides like the bumper cars, tilt-a-whirl, scrambler, and carousel with your family and friends by your side. There are also two full go-kart tracks fully equipped for a rocketing good time. Grab onto your ride partner as you scream down one of the thrilling roller coasters like the Hurricane or Swamp Fox. Get a full and beautiful view of the Atlantic ocean as you are raised 110 feet in the air on Slingshot Drop Zone before you plummet at terrifying speeds to the ground. If that’s too scary for you, get the views on top of the Ferris wheel on a slow-going ride.

Splashes Water Park is a great stop off for hot days in the sun. Ride the log flume, lazy river, or take a dip in one of the swimming areas.

Family Kingdom Amusement Park is the perfect destination for groups large and small. Have fun as a whole group or split up and meet back for lunch at the Picnic Pavilion, a large dining area that can fit up to 100 people.