Fisherman’s Wharf


boat-218546_1920For a pure San Francisco experience, one must visit the Fisherman’s Wharf. Built on the ruined buildings destroyed by the devastating 1906 earthquake, Fisherman’s Wharf was born out of a renewed love of the sea and the traditions surrounding ocean-side living.

Many of the iconic boats docked at the wharf belong to the descendants of San Francisco’s original fishermen who populated, and even built, the area. They are an aesthetic yet practical reminder of this entertainment district’s origins and true meaning.

The food stops at Fisherman’s Wharf are the highlights of the area. Built around the 300x300 California - SF Fisherman's Wharf sunsetfishing industry, wharf restaurants feature the freshest, best seafood around. From Alioto’s to Boudin at the Wharf, Castagnola’s, and the Fog Harbor Fish House, Fisherman’s Wharf serves only the best food. If you aren’t a seafood fan, American cuisine favorites, Italian plates, and Chinese restaurants can be found along the piers.

Over the decades, the wharf has drawn entertainment attractions, museums, and more to hypnotize visitors. Aquarium of the Bay is located on Pier 39 though you can also find Madame Tussauds, the Maritime National Historical Park, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the Sea Lion Center, and the San Francisco Dungeon where you can hear about the darker side of the Bay City.

When you want to memorialize your visit to San Francisco, stop in one of the shops along the pier. From the Wharf Store which supplies the community with marine and boating gear to traditional souvenir shops like the ones on Anchorage Square, Fisherman’s Wharf has it all.