Flagler College

Named for its founder and Florida philanthropist, Henry Flagler, the college you find today is not only a top of the line private academic institution but one of the most iconic and lovely architectural and historic landmarks St. Augustine has to offer. Located in the old Ponce de Leon hotel, Flagler College is more than a unique and picturesque learning establishment. Where some campuses have lovely quads and Ivy League halls once housing American greats, Flagler College's home building was, at the time of its construction, the first of its kind. Students at Flagler go to class in rooms decorated by Tiffany & Co., walk through rotundas under murals done by artists whose portfolios include The Library of Congress and designers who also worked on the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. The beauty and exquisiteness of Flagler College goes beyond its academics and travel back in time to a period of industrial revolution, of intense beauty in design and decoration, and a time when the wealthy reveled in opulence. Today, the college is among the top in the country for its studies and research and boasts one of the absolute finest campuses in the entire world. Visit for a free guided or self-guided tour of the campus, learn about how you can apply to their programs, and discover the true beauty of St. Augustine.