Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

museum of photogenic artCreated in 2001 by Cynthia L. Flowers, the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts was founded with a vision of allowing all walks of life to experience and appreciate photography. Exhibiting important photographic art central to contemporary life and culture is what Cynthia and this museum’s supporters aimed to do, and continue to do excellently by collecting, preserving, and exhibiting historic and contemporary work by nationally and internationally recognized photographic artists. The museum is also dedicated to children and community outreach, as they offer several daily or weekly adult photography classes, workshops, events and demonstrations, as well as a children’s summer camp and Literacy Through Photography Program.

During your visit you will be astounded by the amazing photographic art sprawled throughout this soaring 6 story atrium structure, one of the most impressive interior spaces on the west coast of Florida. The Waterfront Arts District in Rivergate Plaza has raised this building to a sort of iconic level, the cube being quite architecturally significant. You can roam the halls of this impressive structure looking at amazing photos, stand outside and marvel at the incredible design, or choose to take an hour long curator’s gallery talk and tour. Some of the most popular permanent collections the museum houses include artists Harold Edgerton, Clyde Butcher, Hans Silvester, and Bernice Abbott. Right now at the gallery you can see the Marvels of the Reef display, the edgy Hotel Room Portraits display, or the 15 seconds of fame community gallery. Your group will love this artistic getaway stop in Tampa, and they will also love the opportunity to stop at the Photographic Arts gift shop, full of camera lovers toys and trinkets!