Food on Foot Tours

Food on Foot Tours

Eat Like a New Yorker

Food on Foot Tours is a proud NYC tour company offering 'fresh food eating tours' to locals and guests alike interested in the fascinating culinary scene of New York City.

This tour isn't like most food tours, as it is not a sampling or information tour, but rather an immersive NY experience tour. This means you purchase your own food at the destinations (about $20 - $25 typically covers it all) and Metrocard to get around to each stop. They truly want you to 'experience the city and its eateries the same way New Yorkers do.'

Here are the tours Food on Foot offers!

  • Sports Tours - These tours provide you with game tickets and tips on where and what to eat near and in the stadium.
  • Feasts and Finds Tours - Feasts and Finds connect you with other foodies in NY and take you to different places each tour, from ethnic eateries to all you can eat picnic buffets in the park.
  • Self- Guided Tours - Food on Foot's self-guided tour options give you the lowdown on certain areas by telling you where you should stop, but you can do it at your own pace! Examples include premade tours like All Astoria, Ice Cream You Scream, and Bagels and Bakeries. 
  • Special Tours - These tours change in availability often and include favorites such as All Beef Brooklyn, International Express (Queens), Sweet Tooth Tour, and Meat to Eat. 
  • Group Only Tours - Customized tours are the first option with groups, but there are also the NY Over Noodles and Sandwich Salvation tours available for your group.
  • Food on Foot Guided Tours - These tours are perhaps the most popular choices, with options like East Village Block Party, Midtown Mix, Go West, Union Square Area Eats, and Orient Adventure. It all depends on where you want to go!