Forest Park

flickr park photoForest Park is one of the country’s largest urban forest reserves available for public use, a major component of Portland’s regional parks and trails. With over 5,100 acres, this mostly second growth forest provides over 70 miles of recreation trails (including the 40 mile city-wide Wildwood Trail) and over eight miles of hillsides overlooking the gorgeous Willamette River. Forest Park is a public municipal park that sits among the Tualatin Mountains just west of downtown Portland. The park itself was dedicated in 1948, but was discovered over 10,000 years ago as a valued Native American settlement. The first European Americans to see this land came with Lewis and Clark during their famous 1806 expedition. In 1903 the Olmsted brothers (sons of famous Central Park designer) finalized the plan to make these densely wooded hills above northwest Portland "a forest park."

Portland Parks and Recreation puts a great deal of importance on conservation and recreation within this historic and popular park, aiming to protect wildlife and watershed health while running the park. The motto of the group in regards to this park is actually "protect, restore, inspire." Within the park boundaries your group will see over 112 bird species and 62 mammal species, providing great wildlife viewing, learning, and photographic opportunities. The area sees about 40 inches of rain, making it a truly gorgeous forest setting in which your group will be able to ride horseback, bicycle, hike, or fish! This is the perfect place to take in natural Portland and see the sites the way nature had intended on the coast!