Forsyth Park

Welcome to the largest park in the historic district of Savannah, the 30-acre Forsyth Park. Bordered by Gaston Street and Park Avenue, this European style park is the hub of social interaction in Savannah, hosting regular concerts, recreational sports activities, and daily sightseeing. This park is a must-see in Savannah, a park built over 150 years ago thanks to locals Hodgson, Forsyth, and the city. At this large and gorgeous green space your group can people watch, sunbathe, read, relax, and even shop on the weekends at the Saturday farmer’s market. There are plenty of walking and hiking paths, open areas, tree cover, monuments, and an impressive fragrance garden as well.

One of the most iconic and unforgettable sights in the entire city of Savannah is located here, at the north end of the park along Bull Street to the Forsyth Park Fountain. Built in 1858, this Paris and Peru-esque fountain draws in crowds daily to basque in its marvel. On St.Patrick’s day thousands of locals gather around the fountain to watch as they dye the water green for the holiday. In the park you will also find an 1879 Confederate Monument, a large ornate column with a bronze soldier atop it, as well as a French vs. American bloody battle memorial. This entire park serves as a center point for residential areas that radiates out from the beautiful common area, and your group is absolutely going to love an opportunity to stop and explore the history and charm here.