Frederic Remington Art Museum

Welcome to the Frederic Remington Art Museum, a museum dedicated to the collection, exhibition, preservation, and interpretation of the art and archives of Frederic Remington. Located in Ogdensburg, in a historic house built in 1810, this art museum works to foster appreciation and understanding of the artist through education of visual arts and context of Remington and his time, as well as through hands-on activities throughout the museum. Inside your group will explore a comprehensive collection of original paintings, sketches, sculptures, and personal effects of Frederic Remington!

Within the museum, inside the Albert Priest Newell Gallery, your group can see the most popular sculptures and oil paintings from the artist, and in the Addie Priest Newell Gallery you will see various watercolor, sketches, and illustrations displayed. Throughout the museum your group can explore the studio equipment, personal possessions, memorabilia, and other artwork as well. Take part in self-guided tours, school tours, gallery talks, or educational and demonstrative workshops! Adjacent to this museum is the Eva Caten Remington Education Center, another historical home full of interactive exhibits and activity space that will complete your Remington informational journey!