Freedom Rides Museum

Freedom Rides Museum

It was a ride meant to awaken the heart of America to the injustice of its own laws and traditions  --- John Lewis, Freedom Rider

Welcome to the Freedom Rides Museum in Montgomery, Alabama, located in the former Montgomery Greyhound Bus Station. This was the site of the violent attack on participants in the 1961 Freedom Ride during the Civil Rights Movement, a key event and site in the overall struggle.

On May 20th, 1961, 21 young college students from Nashville met mob violence with courage, their actions ultimately helping to end racial segregation in all interstate transportation. You will learn all about this event and its lasting effects within the museum, which is filled with award-winning educational exhibits.

Trace the Freedom Riders' tumultuous journey through the South by using historic images of the protest and by hearing the voices of those who supported and opposed the Freedom Riders. The Share Your Story exhibit captures the thoughts and feelings of the Freedom Riders who have visited the museum themselves, a truly insightful and moving thing to experience while in the museum.


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