Fresh Find Friday: Cuba

This week we have an extra special Fresh Find Friday travel blog feature destination for you all: Cuba! 

Cuba is a recently reopened travel destination for Americans that allows a glimpse into a Caribbean country not many people have experienced in their lifetime. With travel restrictions to Cuba being the laxest they have been since banned in the early 1960s, more and more American airlines (JetBlue, Southwest, American, etc.) are opening up this destination for travel opportunity, as are a couple of cruise lines (Carnival).

Cuba is perhaps one of the most culturally intriguing and historic countries in the Caribbean, there being so much more to do than just walk through the clouds of cigar smoke and rum-infused street vendors, as many people believe that is what makes Cuba so special. Cuba is special for far more, however, which is one of the reasons why Americans must meet 1 of 12 category requirements to travel here (family, professional, religious, cultural, etc). Enjoy historic churches, Spanish-colonial architecture, and the spiciest salsa dancing and food around the Caribbean!

That's just what Tom did, Tom being the artistic travel vlogger behind this week's feature video. Tom is a well-experienced traveler who enjoys blogging and vlogging his adventures with his girlfriend, something we enjoy as well, each video musically and artistically perfected with just the right amount of editing and raw travel footage.

Welcome to my channel. You'll find here my travel vlogs, travel videos and travel diaries. I hope you'll enjoy it ! - Tom

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Learn more about the logistics of traveling to Cuba here: US Travel to Cuba

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