Friends of Virgin Islands National Park


St. John Coral Bay

The U.S. Virgin Islands National Park is an excellent example of gorgeous, mostly pristine, and fully protected natural land that needs constant care and attention from volunteers like you to keep it up to par and well preserved. The Friends of Virgin Islands organization help "preserve, protect, and educate" about the area, as well as provide financial support, put in volunteer hours, and provide valuable input and feedback. Over 3,000 dedicated members donate time and money each year, helping with hands-on work, learning new skills, sharing their knowledge, and gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for the island, conservation, and ecology as a whole. The Volunteer Season runs from November to April and accepts all skill levels, matching each particular set of skills with individual or large group work projects. 

St. John’s - Come to one of the most gorgeous and naturally raw islands within the Virgin Islands, St. John's. Here your group will have a chance to help preserve the natural and cultural resources that make up this land with hands-on work and immersive cultural experiences. Your group will receive a better understanding and appreciation for the community as they work side by side with locals and tourists alike on the Trail Crew. This group of volunteers removes debris from beaches and coastlines, as well as important trails and ruins, allowing the island to stay in pristine shape. You can also choose from other various volunteering opportunities, such as visitor center, store, or festival volunteer work. You won’t believe you’re actually volunteering once you get to this gorgeous island paradise.