Garden of the Gods Center and Trading Post

Welcome to the Garden of the Gods, a place as wondrous as its name! This 1,340 acre park features some of the most beautiful and unusual red sandstone formations that have been cultivated from over 300 million years of erosion. Packed with diverse plants and animals, the park was voted America’s top park in 2014, as you will easily see why!

mountains-484832_1280The Visitor Center is a living history adventure that takes you back through American Indian grounds, railroad development, and the beginning of the park itself, created to be "a park fit for the gods." Your group will see many exhibits in this world class museum with cutting edge technology and a complex look at the geology, ecology, and cultural history of this park. You can tour this complex and see the introductory geo-trekker theater show giving your group one billion years of history in 15 minutes. You can also see iconic perspectives of Pikes Peak and the surrounding foothills for the Cafe Terrace.

Next stop, the Garden of the Gods Trading Post, located in the southwest edge of the park. This is one of the world's’ largest trading posts and also Colorado’s largest art gallery and gift store. Within this post you will find over 25,000 gifts and souvenirs, as well as several galleries featuring local and national artists. Within the complex you will find contemporary jewelry, paintings, pueblo pottery, and Navajo rugs. After you’ve explored all of the trading post head over to the Balanced Rock Cafe for a bite to eat, or maybe to the Coffee Corner for some Blue Bell ice cream.

There is definitely something for everybody at these locations, and the views are practically unbeatable, after all they are fit for the gods!