Gator Park

Gator Park

Located in the heart of the expansive Everglades National Park is the area’s premier airboat tour group that leads you through the protected wilderness to catch sight of amazing creatures. Every few minutes an airboat departs so you never have to wait to experience the wild outdoors.

Walking through the Everglades trails may give you a look into the land animals of the park but walking trails are limited. The best way to see the wildlife of the Everglades is to travel by water and Gator Park airboats get you there faster than any other. There are over 200,000 American alligators living within the park’s protected borders, meaning you are vastly more likely to view a toothy beast from a watercraft such as an airboat.

Though you are most likely to view the American alligator, you may also catch sight of the endangered American crocodile, endangered Florida panthers, a number of native fish species, and more than 28 different kinds of snakes.

Gator Park also hosts wildlife shows with their own collection of creatures. You won’t find alligator wrestling in the Everglades but you will if you go down to Gator Park. Using an alligator wrestling technique used by Seminole Indians, these professionals show skill and educate the public on the strength of this great animal. See other animals including skunks, peacocks, lemurs, and maybe you can even hold a baby alligator.

Gator Park is open Monday-Sunday from 9:00 am-5:00 pm with the last airboat departing at 5:00 pm.