GeO-Deck at Reunion Tower

Welcome to the most popular landmark in Dallas, Reunion Tower. This iconic observation deck features regular light shows, breathtaking 360-degree city views, two different onsite restaurants, and even a gift shop. This is both an entertainment and education stop, teaching you much about this tower and community in general while also keeping you highly interested the entire visit. Groups typically spend about two full hours here, between enjoying the views, learning new information, and relaxing in the onsite cafes. There are also several community events happening here regularly. For instance, right now you can look forward to the NYE Firework show and dinner! Talk about an amazing view!

Once inside the tower during your visit, you will take an elevator up 470 feet to the observation deck, the site giving you the absolute best panoramic views of the city, high definition zoom cameras, interactive touchscreens, telescopes, and even outdoor viewing opportunities. You will be able to see miles in any direction here, day or night. There are several new interactive experiences here to enjoy as well, such as the Reunion Tower Constellation Project, a series of touch monitors in which you can add your name and geographical information to a star. This allows you to leave a lasting impression on a major landmark, an effect many have compared to the Paris Locks experience.

If you are hungry, or maybe you are just craving a better view, head up to 560, an eatery that proudly (and rightly) boasts the claim of ‘elegance with a view’. This spot is 50 stories up, a well-known Puck eatery that offers fine Asian cuisine, fine wine, and a rotating bar with amazing full views of the city. You can also head to Cloud 9, a more relaxed cafe with salads, delicious sandwiches such as the white cheddar burger, and organic foods (organic chicken strips here are killer). It will be very easy to see why both locals and tourists consider this spot to be a Dallas Must-See!