GeO-Deck at Reunion Tower

Standing at a staggering 470 feet in the air, Reunion Tower’s world-class observation deck, GeO-Deck, is the perfect way to see the city from a bird’s eye view. Stretch out your hand and seem to touch the horizon as you look beyond the city from a new perspective. With 360 degree views and state of the art technology, see more than ever at Dallas’ GeO-Deck.

As a premier observation deck, the GeO-Deck is a geodesic ball standing atop a tower rising several hundred feet in the air. This allows for perfect, unhindered 360 degree views of the city and beyond. Powerful telescopes and high definition zoom cameras help you to see even more, even closer. Interactive digital displays show you the city below in close up, giving you a more comprehensive look than most observation decks.

The observation deck is open for day and night tours although the night tours offer something that can’t be found during the day. If you come back at night, the geodesic ball lights up and becomes a neon light show above the city. See Dallas illuminated in bright reds, orange, pink, blue and yellow as you watch the city bustling with nightlife.

Also located at the GeO-Deck is the superb Cloud Nine Cafe where you can grab a snack and drink before or after you view Dallas from above. Grab a picture of yourself at Pix or head to Kaleidoscope for some Reunion Tower souvenirs, unique apparel, and accessories.