Ghost Town Museum

The historic town might be gone but its spirit lives on at the Ghost Town Museum! One of Colorado Spring's most interactive and popular attractions is this recreation of an actual ghost town in the Wild West of gold rush era Colorado. Go back over a hundred years and see covered wagons pass through the streets, people panning for gold, a working blacksmith's shop, and so much more!

The Ghost Town Museum was originally founded in 1954 in an effort to preserve a slice of Colorado's colorful past. The 19th century mining boom was what led to Colorado's eventual statehood and it's something to be proud of, as evident by the fascinating and fun living history museum. Visitors to the Ghost Town Museum can aid in what used to be daily activities, such as churning butter, panning for gold, or head over to a penny arcade for some old time fun. The General Stores and Merchants offer period specific goods and souvenirs, handmade crafts, and plenty of products to marvel at. There's so much to see and do at the Ghost Town Museum that your group won't ever want to leave!

The Ghost Museum is open year round. Some activities, such as panning for gold, are only available in the summer season.