Glass Onion

As you can probably already tell from the crowds around this place, the Glass Onion is one of the most popular local Charleston eateries by far. This eatery is run by well-established owner and executive chef Chris Stewart, a successful endeavor he began in 2008. Since then both the crowds and the reputation surrounding this spot have grown extensively, locals and tourists alike eager to taste the ‘refined, locally-sourced soul food favorites’ inside! Located on Savannah Highway and open from 11 am to 9 pm, Glass Onion boasts the title of ‘one of Charleston’s original home-grown, neighborhood-based, locally focused, and all natural restaurants’. Oh yes, you read right, not only is it delicious and upbeat in atmosphere, it is also local and sustainable! Fresh foodie lovers, picky eaters, and gluten/food allergins will definitely be able to find something they like here!

The food itself was influenced by owner Chris Stewart's Alabama soul food upbringing mixed with his New Orleans and Lowcountry experiences. This means that the food here is an edible cultural melting pot, and a delicious one at that! The menu changes daily, updated online or onsite by 4:30 pm. Though we don’t know what the menu will be when you get there, we can give you a good idea with today's (March 9, 2017) sample menu: Blackened Ribeye with sprouts, red cress, and blue cheese or Atlantic White Shrimp with Braised Root Veggies and Grits. Quail, scallops, pork chops, and catfish are also served often, as well as essentially southern sides (with a bit more sophistication) such as collards, slaw, sweet potato pie, grits, turnips, deviled eggs, and of course, Charleston Red Rice. Reservations are recommended here, but you just let us handle that! !