California Museum, Sacramento

California Museum

A must-see on any West Coast traveler’s agenda, student groups will want to visit this popular Sacramento attraction. The California Museum, home of the California Hall of Fame, treats its visitors to a vibrant cross-section of the 31st state’s rich, colorful history and details uniquely inspirational contributions of notable California residents to the world.

Fascinating signature exhibits illustrate the “California Dream” experience while a fresh series of short-term presentations highlight lesser-known people, places, and stories, treating guests to an engrossing California history lesson. The six-story Constitution Wall features dramatically sculpted words extracted from the California Constitution, each specifically chosen to inspire special reflection on the freedoms guaranteed to all Californians. Depending on the angle of the light and time of day, different words, punctuated by the wall’s natural color scheme, naturally become more prominent as they're drawn from California’s landscape palette of forest, ocean and desert hues. The 3,000 square foot “California Indians: Making A Difference” exhibit is the only one of its kind, created in Native voice and representing over 100 tribes across the state. The gallery showcases the influences of indigenous California peoples through a presentation of hundreds of artifacts, works of art, 13 oral histories at six video stations and an interactive Native language kiosk.

The Museum was established by former state First Lady Maria Shriver in 2006 as a special tribute to remarkable individuals who embody California’s pioneering spirit and have made their indelible mark on history.


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