Governor’s Mansion

The Arkansas Governor’s Mansion opened in 1950 and has since then seen eleven of the forty-five governors live within its gorgeous, historical, and culturally relevant grounds. For over 60 years this mansion has been the focal point of the first family’s public events, its current residents being Governor Asa Hutchinson and First Lady Susan Hutchinson. While this mansion serves as the legislative home for these officials, it also serves as a "home for the people of Arkansas," full of important heirlooms, paintings, architectural features, and other saved items that preserve the state’s culture, arts, and history. There are also many educational materials, programs, and trips available at this location, adding essential education to the visiting experience!

Inside your group will see the fine furnishings, works of art, and symbolic pieces connecting this residence to the state’s rich history. You will also see landscaped gardens and grounds that cover altogether 8.5 acres. This 3-story home was built in Georgian-Colonial style in the heart of the historic Quapaw Quarter, featuring brick colonnades to the East and West Wings. There are actually over 300,000 bricks used in this home! With the main house, beautiful glass atrium, and grand hall this home measures out to 30,000 square feet. Be sure to check out the Oval Entrance Garden before you go, surrounded by boxwoods, azaleas, and dogwoods that beautifully capture the essence of this home and southern hospitality in general. There are also the Rose, Parterre, Herb, Vegetable, and Family gardens, as well as a small gift/souvenir shop available before you go!