Grammy Museum Mississippi

Welcome to the Gra3109400169_88129878f3mmy Museum Mississippi, the fairly new, very vibrant addition to Sunflower Road in Cleveland (Miss.). Inside this exciting space, you will find cutting edge exhibits, interactive
experiences, and tons of great films. The entire museum is considered to be an exciting and interactive celebration of the power of music, a spot meant to 'provide learning opportunities based on the enduring legacies of all forms of music'. Explore the creative and technological processes of recording and the history of the GRAMMY awards in general while here, the entire educational center trying to particularly focus on Mississippians in the process.

The entire experience is 'engaging, educational, celebratory, and inspirational', a one of a kind sort of viewing experience in the 28,000 square foot center you won't soon forget. Save plenty of time to explore the over two dozen different exhibits, each delving deeper into the music genres of rock, country, latin, hip hop, classic jazz, and even r&b.  There is a 140 seat theater in which you can view interesting educational and public programs, films, lectures, and other various performances. There are several educational tour opportunities, a museum tour, and even curriculum based workshops.

So get ready to learn a little more about the GRAMMY's, the history of music in general, and the importance of the Mississippi Blues and Country Music Trail!