Grand Teton National Park

Welcome to northwestern Wyoming’s own natural oasis, the 310,000 acre Grand Teton National Park. This park, created in 1929, features extraordinary wildlife, pristine lakes, and gorgeous alpine terrain. Explore the Teton mountain range while here, over 40 miles long, as well as over 200 miles of trails and the winding and exciting Snake River. The Teton Range dominates the skyline, easily showing the difference in elevation from the 6,320 foot on the sagebrush valley floor to the 13,777 feet on the windswept granite summit. The range is an astounding 7,000 feet above Jackson Hole Valley, a destination we will talk about in further detail later.

Within Grand Teton National Park your group will see everything from forests, wildflower meadows, alpine lakes, streams and waterfalls, to glacial debris still shaping the geography around it. The winters here are long, the park typically blanketed in snow from November to May. One winter the temperature got down to 63 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, so prepare accordingly depending on your time of visit. If the weather is nice your group can hike, walk, fish, swim, climb, camp, boat, float, canoe, bike, take photos, or ski even in the winter.

Head over to any of the four visitor centers on site, like the Jenny Lake Visitor Center which will give your group more information on the history of the Shoshone migration, hunters and gatherers, and tourism booms due to Rockefeller. Speaking of, you can also head over to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve Center, explaining the Rockefeller 10 mile parkway that connects this park to Yellowstone National Park. On this scenic drive you will see snake river, lava flow rocks, and mountain filled skylines. Don’t forget to bring your camera to this gorgeous national park!

Jackson Hole - Jackson Hole is the area of valley floor located in between the Grand Teton Range and the Snake River. This valley sits on the border of Wyoming and Idaho and used to serve as a great "hole" to go hunting in. Many beaver and deer can be seen within these boundaries, and river-cut landscape with the mountain range backdrop makes for unbelievable scenery!