Great Wolf Lodge

On your next trip to Cleveland, consider spending time at the magnificent Great Wolf Lodge. Visitors can enjoy an indoor water park resort among other exciting attractions. There are slides for the thrill seekers and other family-friendly attractions for those who desire a more relaxing experience. Guests of all ages will have a fun time at this popular family-friendly destination.

One of the slides here, Alberta Falls, is a four-story thriller with fast paced entertainment. Riders will twist, turn, slide, and splash their way down to a final drop into the plunge pool. Let yourself be taken on an exhilarating adventure of a lifetime. You may not even realize that you were transported outside the lodge and then returned inside during your whirlwind ride.

However, the resort is more than a water park. There are several fun activities for kids of all ages to enjoy including MagiQuest, a unique fantasy-themed scavenger hunt. Visitors will explore an enchanted kingdom and become master magi with their very own magic wand. Utilize guidance from the legendary Book of Wisdom to gain magic powers, befriend pixies, and even battle a dragon. Visitors should set aside plenty of time for play and try out multiple quests. The location also contains the Northern Lights Arcade among its repertoire of attractions. It is, like the rest of the Great Wolf Lodge, a family-friendly environment full of games for both kids and adults. There are exciting games of skill for older children and games of chance for the younger kids. You can activate the games with a Paw Points Card and win prizes.

When you're in Cleveland, there's no better place to stay than the Great Wolf Lodge.