Greater Cleveland Aquarium Nautica Queen

When visiting Cleveland it is likely you are probably doing one of two things: catching a baseball game or exploring the highly popular and renowned Greater Cleveland Aquarium. This aquarium features top-notch educational programs, an impressive 230,000-gallon shark tank onsite, as well as various interactive exhibits such as the stingray touch pools. However, you may be missing out on something even cooler, and even more educational with your students if you don’t further investigate the options at the aquarium and plan to board the Nautica Queen.

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium’s Nautica Queen  cruise ship is ‘Cleveland’s Dining Cruise Ship’, the city's premier luxury cruiser that offers really excellent dining, sightseeing, eco, and educational cruises and adventures. This line of cruise options will allow your group to see all the gorgeous sights on Cleveland’s lake and riverfront, with really convenient inside and outside observation decks for comfort in any weather/season.
Your group will have to choose from such popular options as the luncheon buffet, weekend dinner, Sunday Brunch, or other fresh food options, depending on the cruise and time of year you want. Take a simple sightseeing cruise around Cleveland, enhance team building skills with a corporate cruise, enjoy an eco-filled field trip with your classmates, or just reward your group with a fun holiday cruise, the choices, though possibly difficult to make, are all yours!