Grimaldi’s LA

6316620157_3c9b0a4f58_bWelcome to Los Angeles, another really great city on the California Coast with so many excellent attractions you will have to see for yourself! We know you’re going to be hungry after the trip, so we think this is a great time to stop at Grimaldi’s, the Brooklyn classic that is delighting taste buds all the way on the West Coast! A visit to Grimaldi's is like getting the taste of two major cities in one trip, the delicious coal-fired brick oven pies with over 100 years of Brooklyn experience giving you a bite of New York, and the always-fresh ingredients, handmade mozzarella, and house-made sauce and dough giving you a new crisp taste of California.

You can find these crisp crusts and perfectly baked calzones on El Segundo here in L.A, the eatery working well with larger groups looking for a late night snack. Try the Brooklyn Bridge or Don Pizza, or perhaps just make your very own, with toppings to choose from such as artichoke hearts and anchovies, bacon or sundried tomatoes. There are several different delicious salads, starters, and antipastos here, as well. Once you have one bite of the ricotta and meatballs on your perfectly crispy pizza it will be really easy to see why this restaurant was one of Frank Sinatra’s favorites!