Group Leader Checklist: Pre-Booking

Pre-Booking (1)

1. Decide on a travel package

Talk with your group about what interests them. Do they want to relax on the beach and simply enjoy a week off work or school, or do they want a grand adventure in the big city or the mountains? For a celebration, choose from any of our multiple dozens of graduation tours carefully constructed to give your group the time of their life. Is your group based around an interest, like dance, theater, film or history? Think about a themed tour where their talents and skills can grow. For a trip where your group can learn while having fun, choose from our list of over 30 specialized education tours across the U.S. No matter what your group’s needs, Adventure Student Travel will pull through.


2. Discuss plans with administrators

For group leaders on school trips, be sure to discuss with your school’s leaders to confirm you meet all specifications, such as the use of an approved vendor or being listed as a beneficiary on the general liability policy.


3. Review Itinerary

Read your specialized itinerary very closely to ensure Adventure Student Travel has put together the exact trip that your group desires. Confirm arrival and departure times for flights, hotel bookings, and reservations at any restaurants or attractions.


4. Hold a meeting

Set a due date for deposits and release forms with your group and any overseers, such as administrators and parents. Go over all the details with your group and be sure everyone is prepared to turn in their information on time.


5. Confirm number or travelers and dates

Anticipate group members dropping out before the deadline, and be prepared with one final locked-in number of attendees before booking. Ensure that your dates are correct.


6. Ready to book

You’ve done it! Now begins the exciting process of booking the trip!