Harmony Park Safari

Harmony Park Safari

Zebra - Drive by safari

Maybe, just maybe occasionally we can see our enchanted bountiful planet through our eyes and not our screens' - Original founder of Harmony Park

Harmony Park Safari is a unique Huntsville experience that allows you to get close to zebras, giraffes, kangaroos, and several more exotic and endangered animals via your car! That's right, this is a drive-by safari experience featuring a 2-mile route in an actual nature preserve!

Considered to be an 'educational agricultural working ranch', Harmony Park Safari is perfect for student groups looking for an adventure that is equal parts fun and learning.

While buses aren't allowed, you can break up into smaller groups and rent SUV's that are available on site ($15 each) and see the animals this way. Buy a bucket (or two) of food, get your camera ready, and then just sit back and enjoy the experience!

This ranch is open March-November!