Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

On the scenic island of Hawaii proper you'll find the lush and untamed beauty of Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, a non-profit preserve dedicated to conserving the stunning, indomitable wilderness of Hawaii's natural flora. With over 2,000 species of plants, the fertile volcanic soil prods the plants to vibrant livelihoods, encouraging ecstatic growth. Billed as a museum for living plants, the Tropical Botanical Garden spreads across 40-acres of valley land right on the Pacific coast.

An educational research oriented preserve, the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden welcomes educational student groups and those looking to retreat to the native luscious beauty of Hawaii. Spend a day wandering through a Garden of Eden-like landscape filled with a spectacular intensity of life. Interpretive trails lead you through collections of palm trees, over elevated boardwalks running over the Kahalii ravine, through the Palm Jungle Trail, out to the magnificent Onomea Falls and beyond. Find yourself surrounded by birds of paradise flowers, wild orchids and exotic looking heliconia as you explore the waterfalls, canyons, and wide open valley floors draped in flowers.

The vibrant life of Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden does not limit itself to plants. While visiting, you're likely to spot some local wildlife such as the gold dust day gecko, 'Auku'u, or black-crowned night heron, or the mynah bird which was introduced to the islands to control pests in the sugarcane fields. Crabs, rare moths, spiders, hawks, and even the Hawaiian monk seal may be seen within the park and from the shores surrounding.

The Botanical Garden is open daily from 9-5, excepting major U.S. holidays.