Hawkins Point Visitor Center

1000 islands in St Lawrence River CanadaThe Frank S. McCullough, Jr. Hawkins Point Visitors Center and Boat Launch, on Hawkins Point Road in Massena, is considered a rare hidden gem in this region. The Hawkins Point Visitor Center provides energy-related science exhibits and an excellent observation deck for your group as an introduction to the Adirondack regions. Here your group will see panoramic views of the St. Lawrence River alongside state-of-the-art and hands on exhibits. There are tons of opportunities to learn about energy in a fun setting here, just hop on a bicycle generator and turn pedal power into electricity! You can also do hair-raising experiments with static electricity using the Van de Graaff generator!

If you are going to hike, bike, or fish around here take advantage of the audiovisual terrain map, which maps the course of the Mighty Lawrence from Ogdensburg to here in Massena. Before you go you should check out the Theater as well, a 100 person big screen that offers intro and info videos, educational programs, guests services, and free movies such as their free Friday matinees. The Hawkins Point Visitor Center is the perfect place to catch up on the regional history, learn about energy, and take in the absolute best views of the forest, lake, and Eisenhower Power Dam. You can fish off the docks, or just watch the boats sail by outside as you take in your breathtaking surroundings!