Hearne Fine Art

In 1988, Archie and Garbo Hearne established the Hearne Fine Art building, an establishment that continues to strive to carry out a mission rooted in education. The Hearne is a community grown and supported business that provides a dynamic conduit for preservation and promotion of African American art. From quite humble beginnings, through a magnificent overcoming of market stagnation, and with numerous adversities, this art center has come to establish itself as a pillar within the artistic community of Little Rock, as well as the art world at large.

While here, your group have the exciting chance to explore several popular exhibits such as the most popular current exhibit, Beautiful Influences, a homage to strong women and even more strong emotions. You will also see the Evolution exhibit, as well as Whisper to Conversation to Shout, all in some way related to and based off of the courageous African American community around the area. A stroll around the entire establishment will show your group several different mediums, such as sculpture, painting, drawing, assemblage, photography, folk art, prints, fiber, and 3D mixed media. These different types of artwork combined with the different types of personalities and histories behind the artists make for a truly amazing artistic experience, one that goes beyond the visual and into the heart and mind of the thousands of visitors that have made a journey to this art center.