Helvetia Lavender Farm

lavender-813758_1920yallLocated just 30 minutes west of Portland is Don and Nancy Miller’s beautiful and historic Helvetia Lavender Farm. While on this lovely farm you will find the most commonly grown lavenders in this region (English, Spanish, and Lavandin) as well as rolling fields of Grosso, Super, and Royal Velvet. Helvetia itself is a locally celebrated historic Swiss settlement that sits amid the countryside of rolling hills overlooking the gorgeous Willamette Valley. This farm is the perfect place to "relax, enjoy the beauty of lavender and the view of the valley, and find inner peace." This landscape shows a wonderful versatility of lavender, along with the beauty of roses, grasses, and other perennials.

On the farm your group will have the opportunity to participate in the hospitality of tea time, learn about the properties of lavender and how to grow it, and shop for artistic gifts and lavender products. You will even learn about and have the chance to donate to Widows in Ukraine, the owners’ personal charity of choice. The farm holds antique surprises, fairy gardens, and acres of fir trees for your viewing pleasure, and the on-site pavilion serves scones and sweets to your hearts content (it also serves sandwiches and a few lunchtime fares). Be sure to check out any of the monthly events while here, the July Helvetia Lavender Festival being the most popular, featuring all things beautiful and historic about lavender! The Pacific Crest Alpaca Farm and Helvetia Winery are located next door if you aren’t quite ready to go home next, as is the Helvetia Tavern with their locally famous burgers!