Historic 25th Street

Historic 25th Street

Ogden's Historic 25th Street, aka H25, aka Electric Alley, is Utah's premier historic district. Always known for being 'a bit on the rebellious side', H25 has seen it all, from brothels and bootleggers to brewpubs and art galleries!

On Historic 25th Street your group will be able to enjoy a true 'mecca for travelers, art collectors, foodies, and outdoor enthusiasts of all types'. Over 1 million visitors annually come to enjoy the regular events, independently owned shops, municipal gardens, and the history of the district in general.

Back in 1869, this area saw quite the boom as the Golden Spike brought on the first transcontinental railroad. Ogden literally became a boomtown in this time, meaning that this street became a place of both infamy and excitement. There were brothels, political scandals, and gang rivalries taking place here regularly, but today you will see quite a different scene; mid-day yoga, art strolls, bike races, and live theater performances.

Take a stroll through the municipal gardens, visit Ogden's Farmers Market, see a show at the Wise Guys Comedy Club, and even visit the Browning-Kimball Classic Car Museum.  There are regular community events held on H25, such as Christmas Village, Witchstock, and the September Art Stroll.

Come to shop, to eat, to learn, and to enjoy an integral part of Utah's history!