Historic Market Square Park

 Historic Market Square Park

If you are looking for a historic Houston cornerstone, a spot to do a bit of shopping, or just a breath of fresh air, Historic Market Square Park is for you!

This downtown public park is considered to be the 'original heart of community activity' for Houston, this being just blocks away from the spot the Allen Brothers first landed in 1836. They dubbed this metro-to-be as the 'city of the future', and for over 100 years the park has stood as a city cornerstone and civic center.

There have been 4 City Halls on this property since the city began, the first three burning down and adding a bit of infamy to the park, which is aided by the fact that there have been major incidents such as the Oil Bust and general lack of preservation and care effort in the area. Now, however, the park is of utmost importance and special care and attention is given to the property and its resident businesses and frequent guests.

While here your group can follow the black granite band around the park and tour the artwork, with photography, a mosaic fountain, and perhaps the most breathtaking piece, the James Surls Point of View 25-foot painted steel and wood sculpture. You can also choose to get a bit of exercise, relax, have a picnic lunch, shop the open-air market, eat at Niko Niko's sidewalk cafe, or spend some time meditating in Lauren's Garden.

Lauren's Garden was established in memory of all those who lost their lives on 9/11, with 3 major granite walls representing New York, D.C, and Pennsylvania. There are 2,628 pebbles, 184 stones, and 40 rocks that all respectively represent the lives lost in the towers, the Pentagon, and onboard flight 93. This spot alone is worth the visit in our opinion, the sheer beauty of the garden amidst the bustling city building skyline in the background really reminds us of our 'vulnerability and strength' as a nation.

Combining live entertainment, tasty temptations by Niko Niko’s, shady walkways and dog runs to rival all dog runs, Market Square Park is reminiscent of another era where neighbors gather and enjoy the space they call home. - Market Square Park


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