Hogle Zoo

Credit HogleZoo.org

Out of humble beginnings came Utah's premier zoological park, Hogle Zoo. Started in 1931 at the mouth of Emigrations Canyon, Hogle Zoo covers 42-acres of beautifully natural Utah landscapes and houses over 800 animals on view. Through imaginative and inspiring exhibits, educational programs, and passionate employees, the Hogle Zoo strives to instill in its visitors an appreciation for wildlife and spread consciousness about conservation practices around the world.

The latest addition to the Hogle Zoo was the African Savanna exhibit covering more than four acres allowing a greater, more natural habitat for the zoo's African species. At this popular exhibit you may see favorites like lions, zebras, and giraffes as well as nyala and ostriches. At Rocky Shores you'll meet Arctic friends like polar bears but also travel down the western coast to find sea lions, seals, otters, and more!

The Hogle Zoo incorporates ecosystems and species from around the globe, including those from Asia. Visit the Asian Highlands and find yourself staring face to face with a snow leopard, Amur tiger, Siberian lynx, or other great cats. When you're looking for animals a bit gentler, try out the Elephant Encounter exhibit, home to African elephants and white rhinoceros.

Hogle Zoo is dedicated to education and learning. Sample some of their guided tour, lecture, or animal encounter options for a more in depth zoological experience with your class.