Hollywood Christmas Parade

Celebrate Christmas with the stars this year by performing in the Hollywood Christmas Parade, the Los Angeles holiday tradition that welcomes high school marching bands, collegiate bands, cultural and dance group performers, and countless Christmas-time classic guests, floats, and balloons. This event will allow you and your group to see a ton of stars, a ton of bands, and even a ton of Santa Claus’s! Being the entertainment capitol of the world, it only makes sense that you will be marching down the biggest red carpet in the world, this parade televised on local and news stations, as well as the Hallmark Channel, giving you plenty of local and national exposure as a performance group. There will be about 15 other high school bands, as well as local celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, William Shatner, and Bob Hope, in the past.

This parade begins on Hollywood Boulevard at Orange Drive and travels east to Vine, south to Sunset Boulevard, and West back to Orange Drive. Bands who wish to participate must apply and be considered, plus must be located within 400 miles of Hollywood. This is a really great chance for national exposure for local bands and an amazing opportunity that will help you hone in your musical skills and showmanship even further than before. After the festivities you can use this opportunity to celebrate the season in Tinsel Town, sightseeing the festive and always-busy streets of Hollywood and greater Los Angeles!