Howard Thurman Home

Welcome to the historic home of Dr. Howard Thurman. The three bedroom home sits on the corner of Whitehall Street in Daytona has a largely important cultural and historic place in the surrounding community. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1990, the childhood home of Dr. Thurman holds various daily tours, meetings, events, seminars, and workshops and serves as a great place for the public to learn the intellectual roots of civil rights. This locally important culture and education center tells the story of the man who created, taught, and wrote about different action-oriented non-violent ways to promote civil rights, right alongside Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Thurman was named one of 50 of our country's most important men in African American History in Ebony Magazine and it is quite easy to see exactly why after your visit.

The tours are available by appointment only for large groups but are completely worth it to pay tribute to a "lifetime of successes and firsts." Tour the home and learn all about the black Christian minister, philosopher, dean, and professor who founded the first fully integrated church in the United States, the Church of Fellowship of All Peoples in San Francisco. Learn all about Dr. Thurman’s 21 published books, over 500 worldwide lectures, international fame, and 1963 Daytona Beach dedication ceremony, each important aspects of the doctor’s life as well as the community, and nation’s, cultural place in time. Your group will also love the opportunity to get to see the historic home itself, a work of art that supported Howard from birth until 1899, still boasting the big oak in the backyard under which Howard loved to sit and daydream of equality!