HUB Restaurant

Welcome to HUB, one of Tucson’s absolute best when it comes to unique local foods, which is really what the whole city is all about, culinarily speaking! This popular downtown eatery serves as a restaurant and ice creamery all in one, the building itself set in the very heart of the most exciting and fastest-growing part of Tucson! Enjoy the iconic scenery along Historic Congress Street, as well as the ample public parking and front-door-close access to the city transportation system, the SunLink Streetcar. Getting here is fun and easy, especially when you factor in the exciting weekly events that happen here and next door at their well-welcomed neighbor the Playground (they even share a kitchen)! The HUB, while highly popular for both options, is clearly ‘not just for dinner and ice cream’!

You will find some of the very best foods in the city once you’ve sat down for dinner (or lunch) here at HUB, the choices ranging from Fried Calamari for appetizer to Chicken Teriyaki for an entree! Try the HUB special burger, smothered with swiss cheese, cole slaw, and tons of pastrami. The pot pies are highly popular here as well, and that isn’t even getting into all the amazing ice cream flavors offered. Try the Bourbon Apple Brittle, Rice Krispie, Corn Bread and Honey, or Drunken Brunch flavors, and you won't regret it! Adults in the group will also enjoy their local brews and plentiful wines/ cocktails as well!