Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises

Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises

If you do nothing else while on Cape Cod, come whale watching with us!

Get ready for a spectacular whaling adventure with Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises. This company has over 30 years of experience showing guests the marine residents of Cape Cod waters, with an average of a 99% sighting rate. The waters of Cape Cod have been consistently ranked as one of the World's Top 10 Whale Watching Destinations.

The vessel you will be riding in, the Whale Watcher, was specifically designed for these New England waters. The boat is 130 feet long, 28 feet wide, and is powered by 5 water jets. All of this makes it fast and easily maneuverable, and having no external propellers makes it safe for marine life. There are 3 viewing levels, with over 650 feet of rail space. There are also 2 sundecks, ample outdoor bench seating, and indoor climate-controlled cabins with flat-screen monitors. There is also a fully stocked snack and beverage bar onboard.

During your cruise, you will see mostly Mysticetes/Baleen whales, vs Odontocetes/Toothed Whales. Baleen whales you may see include Blue Whales, Fin Whales, Right Whales, Humpbacks, or Minke. Your onboard naturalist will explain these creatures as you see them, providing 'engaging, entertaining, and educational narrative' throughout your cruise. They will answer any questions you may have along the way!

*Note: This is a seasonal cruise line, offering regular tours between April and late Fall.


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